Clicky Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This page was last modified on: 2021-12-08.

1. Important disclaimer

This service is provided without any warranty of any kind. is not legally obligated to provide you with this service or to keep the provided service consistent. We are not obliged to make backups and/or are not liable in case of data loss or stolen data. We may discontinue the service and/or exclude certain users at any time without giving any reason. These TOS can be changed at any time; the user does not need to be explicitly informed about this.

2. Prohibited Content

The user is responsible for his self-published and send/received content. He assures not to spread any content that violate the law or agreements with third parties. This is especially true for abusive, obscene, racist, threatening, harassing, defamatory, sexually oriented content. The user expressly affirms that the provision and publication of the contents does not violate german law, european law or law of the usa, in particular copyright, data protection and competition law. The operator reserves the right to exclude any data from its storage on the server for any reason, without explanation. There is no audit requirement for the operator on the lawfulness of data.

3. Strictly forbidden are the following actions:

You may be banned for the following reasons and/or reported to the authorities

  • - Sending spam
  • - Bulk Registration
  • - Using your E-mail to abuse other services
  • - Conducting any activity that breaks the laws in which is governed or the law of the country of your origin
  • - Encouraging others to break's rules or the law using
  • - Under special or exigent circumstances we may ban you for something not listed here. We will probably warn you first.

4.. Privacy

You can find our Privacy Policy here

5. Lost access to the service

We cannot and will not reset passwords. If you do not provide a recovery email and fill in the security question, an account can never be used again if the password is lost.